Intelligent, Green skinned, Argonian, starship engineer.


Tall and slender, Tanan is a male Argonian. Like many Argonians, Tanan has horn crests, two rows on the top, and either side, of head, and two rows on either side on the back of jaw. Slim, vertical, red stripes run from his neck, down his flanks and back, to the length of his tail. Yellow eyes, and a yellow-green underbelly. He normally dresses in the manner befitting a mechanic: grease covered coveralls, a utility belt full of tools, steel toed work boots, gloves, and a utility vest. Since spends so much time in studying and working in engineering, Tanan has become rather clueless about the outside world and has developed an odd quirk of always referring to starships as females.


Tanan was born and raised in the swamps on Mars. He has always been fascinated with starships, and has studied everything he could get his claws on. Pursuing his dream of one day becoming a renowned starship mechanic and to travel the known ’verse, he enrolled in the University of Mars. There, he majored in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and after several hard years of study, and unpaid internships, he graduated with his Masters. Now, Tanan seeks employment on board, well, honestly, any ship that will have him, to fulfill his dream (and pay back his enormous student loans)!

Tanan’s first job was on board the Slow and Steady, transporting a herd of cattle to Saturn Station. During the transit the ship was beset by pirates. Thanks to skills and talents of the ship’s pilot, Malcolm (another Argonian male), they managed to escape the pirates. However, the Slow and Steady still sustained significant amounts of damage. Because of the cost of repairs, and thus the loss of profits, the crew had to be fired. Tanan was out of a job, and stuck on Saturn’s station, but at least he had friends.

A few days later, Tanan and the rest of the gang, we were wandering the station looking for employment. As they passed a casino, a man grabbed Tanan and dragged him inside, telling Tanan he was late for his game. Inside the back room of the casino, Tanan played a game of high stakes Martian Madness. Unbeknownst to Tanan, the other player was letting him win. After winning the final hand, and the keys to a new starship, the Dread Pirate Rygar appeared, and attacked the party. After a brief firefight, the authorities appeared, who arrested Tanan, two of his friends, and a couple of the pirates with Rygar. After questioning, Tanan and his friends were released, however they were now indebted to one Mr. Edgar.

To repay their debts, Mr. Edgar required that the group transport an unknown cargo from Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s many moons, back to Saturn Station. Shortly after departing from Saturn Station, the Bloody Mary – the ship Tanan won in the card game – was assaulted by pirates. Despite suffering a missile hit, the crew were able to escape by activating the Overdrive. After 5 days travelling to Ganymede, the crew met with with their contact: Mr. Fourfeathers. After picking up their cargo, 20 silver containers, they left to return to Saturn. Something didn’t sit well with the others in the crew, and Canton, the ship’s Science Officer, decided to open the containers. Inside were children, teens specifically, who had been put in cryo-stasis. These children could not explain why they were there, or what was going on. So, it was decided, that the children were to be freed and the containers filled with knock-out gas instead. However, something must have gone wrong with the plan, because the group were taken to a warehouse and ambushed.


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